To bridge the gap caused by language barriers and specific regional linguistic requirements when organizations explore global market access. Translation Global Exchange’s personalized approach will offer a suitable cost-effective translation strategy in-line with each organization’s business goals. This approach will ensure reliable and high-quality professional translation services without compromising profitability and minimizing exposure to uncertainties due to any existing language barriers.


Translation Global Exchange offers a broad and specialized platform of professional translators with expertise in areas such as legal, scientific/engineering, business administration and other professional fields for which regional language requirements entail particular know-how to meet local market needs. If your organization is exploring entrance in a new market and requires professional translation services as part of its business strategy, Translation Global Exchange will be the ideal partner with the appropriate expertise to overcome any language barriers that may arise when exploring global business opportunities.


Translation Global Exchange focuses the delivery of its services on a personalized approach that ensures full understanding of clients’ needs and overall business goals in order to offer suitable professional translation services. With offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, Translation Global Exchange ensures responsive and timely interactions with clients consistently.


Translation Global Exchange is highly committed to preserve every client’s confidentiality. Translation Global Exchange’s in-house legal department has in place appropriate confidentiality agreements to enter into with every translator, partner and/or subcontractor working with Translation Global Exchange. This ensures that specific confidentiality concerns and overall needs important to Translation Global Exchange’s clients are addressed with a high degree of professionalism. Translation Global Exchange is also committed and willing to have its translators, partners and/or subcontractors sign supplemental confidentiality agreements if requested by its clients.

Please contact Translation Global Exchange at info@translationge.com or review Translation Global Exchange’s Code of Conduct should you have further questions about our confidentiality procedures.