Whether your organization requires translation services when:

  • preparing a proposal in response to a Spanish RFP/RFQ/RFT
  • executing a Portuguese outsourcing or joint venture agreement
  • launching a full Italian marketing campaign
  • preparing regulatory documents for a French public offering
  • assisting with due diligence for the potential acquisition of a German company
  • reviewing Japanese proprietary documents in preparation for patenting a product in Canada
  • engaging in any business transaction requiring to address regional language needs

Translation Global Exchange will be a suitable provider of translation services gaining your organization global market access by responding to local business needs with an appropriate translation strategy. This approach in itself will contribute to your organization’s competitive edge in developing a consistent cross-cultural strategy to ensure long-term relationships with clients and business partners globally. Shortly, Translation Global Exchange will be your organization’s allied for your projects’ translation requirements.

Translation Global Exchange provides translation services suitable to the following industries:

AccountingFood and Beverages
AgricultureHealth Sciences
BiotechnologyLegal Services
Chemicals and PetrochemicalsManufacturing
 Construction Marketing
 Consulting Media and Entertainment
 Energy Natural Resources (Oil & Gas, Mining)
 Engineering Pharmaceuticals
 Environmental Regulatory and Compliance
 Finance Technology
 Financial Services Telecommunications