Translation Global Exchange constantly seeks qualified translators for either in-house or freelance positions. Currently, Translation Global Exchange is seeking professional freelance translators with expertise and backgrounds in science, engineering, legal, business and other fields in which Translation Global Exchange offers its services. Please download the “Freelance Translator-Reviewer Registration Form” and submit it along with you resume and sample work to if you have expertise in any of our industries of focus. Translation Global Exchange will contact qualified applicants for further screening.

*Please review Translation Global Exchange’s Privacy Policy before submitting your resume.


Translation Global Exchange is committed to equity and diversity in its employment and internal practices overall. Translation Global Exchange is proud to foster diversity by engaging professional translators from several ethnic and cultural backgrounds worldwide. Translation Global Exchange is also committed to ensure full compliance with Canadian employment equity legislation at the federal and provincial level. Translation Global Exchange considers this a key asset in today’s business environment where equity and diversity are major considerations for clients engaged in world ventures seeking to communicate global business in individual local markets.